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Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Exterior Skate Protection Inc. is a company formed by Ken Belanger, Larry Jensen and Dr. Bruce Booth to promote and market exterior hockey skate protection. Larry has owned and run Central Okanagan Orthotic Labs since 1995 and Bruce is a Podiatrist with his practice in Vernon, B.C. since 1990.

Ken Belanger, Founder/CEO

Ken has shared his 10 year NHL Career with the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Islanders, Boston Bruins, and the LA Kings. Officially retiring in 2005, he has always been interested in staying connected with former players and friends and staying united. What began as an informal group of friends speaking weekly about various business opportunities and sharing their transitioning experiences of ‘life after hockey’ has grown to become the global platform where both current and former professional hockey players can come together and contribute to each others’ success. Now, as Founder /CEO of the world’s largest hockey networking group the GHL; he is dedicated to its continuing success. He has lived and understands firsthand the life of the professional athlete and how difficult it can be to transition from the game to ‘life after hockey’.

Bruce Booth, DPM.

Co-inventor and Co-Founder Bruce Booth was born July 8, 1957 in Tofield, Alberta, the seventh child in a family of nine. Raised on the family farm in Ryley, Alberta, Bruce learned early in life to never to tell his father he was bored, as dad always had plenty of jobs to occupy idle kids. Post secondary education took him to Walla Walla, Washington, where he graduated in 1981 with a Physical Education Degree, and Health and Chemistry minors. After a brief stint teaching, Bruce decided he wanted to pursue something in the medical field, and enrolled in the California College of Podiatric Medicine, from which he graduated in 1988 with a Degree of Podiatric Medicine. He completed a Surgical Residency at Pacific Coast Hospital and San Francisco General Hospital.

Every summer for 10 years while attending school, Bruce worked at commercial fishing, which is where he met his future wife, Alisa. They were married April 15, 1990. They are the proud parents of four children: Jerad, Kaden, Ryley, and Breanna,
Bruce started practising Podiatry in Vernon, British Columbia in January 1991, where he still practises today. In 1995 he and Larry Jensen founded Central Okanagan Orthotic Lab, which Larry has built into a respected business.

With the trend of foot injuries in the NHL increasing significantly in the past 2-3 years we have developed a light weight, ultra shock resistant foot/ankle guard system that can be fitted to any skate while not affecting the performance of the athlete. The material is a polypropylene-graphite composite that we have used for years to make orthotics. The unique hinge design of the Shot Blocker XT tongue protects the top of the foot and front of the ankle without the player or observer noticing it’s there. Even when blocking shots properly, this area of the foot and ankle have never been sufficiently protected to withstand the force produced by today’s athletes. We feel that in the near future all defencemen will be wearing some form of extra protection on their hockey skates for this area. Our product is the most protective and user friendly product on the market today. The hinged tongue device on the Shot Blocker XT is a product that can be mass produced with several sizes that will fit all different size skates. The side panels on the Shot Blocker XT Pro are custom made and has to be vacuum molded to the individual  hockey skate so as to make sure that it not only protects properly but does not interfere with performance.  Our Shot Blocker XT Lite side panels can also be custom made to protect specific areas following an injury in order to get the player back in play as early as possible.

The Global Hockey Loop (GHL) is pleased to announce a partnership with Exterior Skate Protection. Ken Belanger (founder of GHL) shared a 10 year NHL Career with the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Islanders, Boston Bruins, and the LA Kings and officially retired in 2005.  He has first hand knowledge and has seen the various foot injuries and believes this product will provide significant protection to players of all ages across the world.

About GHL: GHL Global Hockey Loop Business Networking Corporation endeavors to be the preferred choice of our global membership for their business and social networking and information needs. We are players helping players and we will strive to meet and/or exceed our members’ expectations in all our product/service offerings. Visit the GHL at www.ghlteam.com