Toronto Marlboros Shotblocker XT Deflect


If your Skate Model and Size is NOT listed in the Skate drop down, you will need to order a Shotblocker XT Deflect with Unlisted Skate instead.

The SHOTBLOCKER XT DEFLECT is a great choice for skate protection with it being lightweight and impact tested of 21% reduction.  This product is easy to install and looks great.


  • Protects inside and outside of the foot
  • A featherlight 50 grams
  • Developed with high polymer
  • Custom fit for skate size and model
  • Custom design options (colour, graphics, logo)

    Custom Fit

    Shotblocker XT Pro and XT Deflect are custom molded to the player’s skate for seamless integration and skate-specific protection that doesn’t impede performance.

    Ultra Lightweight

    The Shotblockers system is engineered using lightweight, energy absorbing thermoplastic and unique polymer blends making them virtually unnoticeable to the player.

    Designed for Performance

    Created to be worn. Shotblockers are thoughtfully designed to move comfortably with the skate so players can perform with added confidence. 

    Custom Design

    Our range of products have the unique capability of being personalized to a team, event, organization etc..

    Proven Protection

    Impact tested and rated as the most effective foot protection system on the market by the NHL® and NHLPA®.

    Backed by the Pros

    Shotblockers are trusted by some of the world’s top teams and players. 

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