We are

we are shotblockers

Teammates have an unspoken bond. It’s an innate connection between players that forms the moment we pull the jersey over our pads. Sure, we’re different people that play different roles, but we all share a common goal - TO WIN. So, our team mentality forces us to do what’s uncommon, extraordinary, and what challenges the logic of those outside the game. You have to be in it to understand.

We are selfless.
We protect.
We give it ALL for the game we love

It’s accepting a punishing hit but making the play anyway or stepping into the shooting lane to block a 100-mph slap shot from reaching the iron and mesh we vowed to protect.

SHOTBLOCKERS was created on this player’s bond. We protect those who lay it on the line for their team. From the top pros to up-and-comers and late-night beer leaguers, SHOTBLOCKERS keep players at all levels in the game and performing with the confidence needed to win.

…and this is our story

Leaders take matters into their own hands. And that’s us (humbly). We are leaders in the game of hockey looking to keep fellow players safe and performing their best in a sport that’s faster, harder and more competitive than ever.

“Lower body injuries” became a standard term on injury reserve lists and the need for a performance-driven foot protection solution grew. So, with the player in mind, Ken developed, engineered and tested (and tested, and tested again) his line of skate protection until what’s now known as SHOTBLOCKERS was ready to hit the ice.

We’ve been playing to win ever since.

SHOTBLOCKERS now offers the only custom fitted skate protection system in the world. The brand has grown to keep NHL all-stars like Zdeno Chara, P.K. Subban, and Drew Doughty safe and performing at the highest level. We play a role in ensuring the health of future prospects across the OHL, AHL, WHL and LHJMO. And we proudly protect hockey fathers, sons, mothers and daughters at local rinks from getting hurt so they can excel on and off the ice.

At SHOTBLOCKERS we are the game’s enforcers who protect players through engineering and thoughtful product design – it’s like our one-two punch and just as effective. And we do it all without taking a penalty.

With the trend of foot injuries in the NHL increasing significantly in the past 2-3 years we have developed a light weight, ultra shock resistant foot/ankle guard system that can be fitted to any skate while not affecting the performance of the athlete. The unique hinge design of the SHOTBLOCKERS XT tongue protects the top of the foot and front of the ankle without the player or observer noticing it’s there. Even when blocking shots properly, this area of the foot and ankle have never been sufficiently protected to withstand the force produced by today’s athletes.

We feel that in the near future all defensemen will be wearing some form of extra protection on their hockey skates for this area. Our product is the most protective and user friendly product on the market today. The SHOTBLOCKERS XT Deflect are custom made and has to be vacuum molded to the individual  hockey skate so as to make sure that it not only protects properly but does not interfere with performance.