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We want players to stay in the game and perform with confidence. It’s that simple. So, we’ve developed the most advanced and effective foot protection system to reduce the growing number of foot injuries in players at all levels.

SHOTBLOCKERS were created by former NHLer Ken Belanger who spent 10 Years in the NHL with the Hartford Whalers, New York Islander, Boston Bruins and the Los Angeles Kings  experiencing and witnessing first hand the outcome of a shot to the foot and the impact it has on a team to loose a team mate to a foot injury. So he decided to take measure into his own hands and create the best skate protection system  available on the market today. SHOTBLOCKERS XT Deflect is installed with 2 easy steps and allows you to play with confidence. The 2 tongue pieces are laced in and the side pieces are custom made per skate size and model and has fully customizable design options.

SHOTBLOCKERS protect players who give it
ALL for the game.

“The use of  foot guards seem to be trending up as more and more players are being asked to block shots.”
- The Hockey Writers