The Problem.

Today’s injury reserve lists are longer than Zdeno Chara’s stick. Foot injuries are taking players at all levels out of the game at a higher rate than ever.

Why? Skates are becoming lighter and more performance focused on speed. The game is fast and explosive now.  Players are expected to stand in front of a one timer shots reaching speeds of 100km. This is even more critical during a penalty kill.


The Solution.

We’ve all been hit on the top or side of the foot with a puck. The result is usually the same story – stinging pain, numbness, swelling and then the looming mystery of what shape your foot will be in once that boot finally comes off in the room.

The truth is, we hate it when our players get hurt.

SHOTBLOCKERS make up for where your off-the-shelf skates lack protection. Our products are engineered to integrate with most existing skate designs to shield vulnerable areas of the foot during game situations. All without hindering performance. Shotblockers are proven through impact testing, your favourite NHLer clogging up the shooting lanes, and the nine-to-fivers who simply love to play.